1963 Corvette’s Almost 4-Seater Split Window Coupe - If something doesn’t quite look right with this 1963 Corvette Coupe, you get a gold star! That’s because this was a prototype for a “four place” Corvette. That’s right, a Corvette with back seats! The idea came from Ed Cole who wondered if a four-place Corvette could rival the successful four-seat Thunderbird. Designer Larry Shinoda was given project and stretched the already penned 2-seat midyear coupe to accommodate the back seats and the extra legroom required. Six inches was added to the C2′s wheelbase to stretch it out to 104 inches.

The pictures show that the four-seater Corvette’s doors are much longer and shaped differently than the production 2-seater. The roof is also slightly taller and the rear glass looks to be longer as well.

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